Completed restortion of 1925 Kilgan Organ (3/22) for St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church, New York City.

Organ by D.A. Flentrop for Carnegie Hall, after restorative repairs were completed in the summer of 2005.

Completed restoration of 1893 Muller & Abel organ 2/38 for St. Joseph’s RC Church Yorkville, New York City

New Console and Mixture for 1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Honolulu, Hawaii

Completed Restoration of Organ built by J.H. & C.S. Odell, 1873 (I/13)
for the First Congregational Church Chester NJ

Organ, Thomas Appleton, 1830
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
Restoration by Mann & Trupiano
Facade by Anthony Meloni
Frieze Memorial Organ, Hill Auditorium, University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Gold and silver leafing by Anthony Meloni, 1985.
Mahopac, New York
Organ by Mann & Trupiano
Facade by Anthony Meloni
New 8' Gemshorn for
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Mount Vernon, New York

Completed restoration of a 3 stop chamber organ (18th century, builder unknown) for St. David's School, New York City.

In Saint David's early days, the Hearst family donated many antiques to furnish the school. One such piece is the chapel organ. This small chamber organ is a unique instrument whose mysterious origins have piqued the interests of organ specialists throughout the world. Purchased from French & Co. of London in 1922 by the Hearst family, it was repudedly from a chapel of James I.

The organ was assembled by an unknown organbuilder in England ca. 1790. Some 17th century carvings were incorporated into the case.

The 8' and 4' Flute stops are original. The 8' Dulciana was added around 1820.

Restoration of 1964 Aeolian Skinner (3/55)
for Kawaiaha'o Church, Honolulu Hawaii

Restoration of 1869 Odell Organ, (1/10) with additions for Reformed Presbyterian Church, Manassas, VA

An identical 1868 version of this organ, complete with original feeder bellows, is for sale. (click here)

Partial Restoration of III/38 organ by Rudolf von Beckerath (1974)

University of Houston, Houston, TX

Restoration and Installation of 1957 Casavant organ (2/25) for St.Mary's Church, Annapolis, MD

Pictured are the new console and mixture chest

St.Catherine of Genoa, Brooklyn, NY
new facade

Completed Restoration of Organ built by J.H. & C.S. Odell, 1897 (II/13)

Good Council Convent, White Plains, NY

Partial Restoration of Organ built by Hammer, Germany, ca. 1980 (II/5)

University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Flemish harpsichord by Anthony Meloni, fecit 1996, decorated in the French style;
Disposition: 8' X 8' X 4'; Lute stop on both 8' choirs (one felt, one leather); Transposing keyboard.