Rudolf von Beckerath Practice/ House Organ


I Manual C-f'''
II Manual C-f'''
BDO Pedal C-f
Rohrflöte 8'
Blockflöte 4'
Couplers II/P, I/P, II/I
Prestant 4'
Krummhorn 8'
Offenflöte 2'
Tremulant works on both divisions

Dimensions:Hight 2300mm, Width 1600mm, Foot depth 770mm, Total depth 1500mm, Weight approx. 600 kg

Cabinet is constructed with German oak.

Price quotation upon request

Estey Organ, Immaculate, 10 stops, to be "Direct-Electrified" upon sale. Haskell Diapason and Strings; 12' X 12' case front, walnut. Asking $75,000. completely restored. Photos available upon request.

Votey Residence Organ, 1899, Opus # 871 (This is the oldest extant organ on the Aeolian opus list)

Original location: Vanderbilt/ Fabbri Mansion
11-13 East 62nd Street,
New York City

more about this organ

Identitical Organ to the one pictured here

1868 J.H. & C.S. Odell, Opus #76
1 Manual, 8 Stops

This organ is believed to be the only surviving Odell tracker with it's feeder bellows and pump handle intact and functioning.

Every other aspect of this organ is completely original.

Restored condition only.

Price $68,500

1882 J.H. & C.S. Odell,

2 Manuals, 7 Ranks

approximate dimensions:
Height 12' 6"
Width 9'
Depth 6'

Price: $65,000

Pedal 16' Bourdon may be added at additional cost.

Continuo Organ by Rudolf von Beckerath


Manual C - g´´´

Gedackt 8' HH - gs''' Spruce/Cherry

Rohrflöte 4' HH - H Spruce/Cherry
c°-gs''' 36% SnPb

Holzprinzipal 4' a°-gs''' Spruce/Cherry

Oktave 2' HH-H stopped 56% SnPb
c°-gs''' open 56% SnPb

Divided sliders gs° / a°
Transposer 1/2-note up/down
Contra H and gs''' on all stops

Case made of maple, painted black/red
For transportation purposes the case may be split into two divisions.

Height: 110 cm
Width: 120 cm
Depth: 80 cm incl. manual
Weight: ca. 100 kg
Pitch: 440 Hz
Temperament: equal

Price available upon request

Beckerath Continuo Organ Hamburg, Germany

1 Manual, 3 Stops, transposer and divided keyboard

Price available upon request.

Regal by D.A. Flentrop, 1974
Price quotation upon request. Needs restoration.